Four annual auctions are held with international audiences on over 1000 square meters at the impressive converted and restored Old Stuttgart gypsum factory.

The focus is on arts, design and crafts. We also specialize in estates and collections. Managing Director and auctioneer Yves Siebers welcomes you to the auctions since 2002.

Yves Siebers
Expert Design,
Ancient and Modern Glass

Stefanie Siebers
Office Management

Todor Simeonow M.A.
Art Historian, Furniture, Carpets, Tribal Art



 Andrea Müller-Fincker M.A.
Art Historian
 Porcelain, Ceramics
Pia Grospitz M.A.
Art Historian
Paintings, Graphics and Sculptures

Jonas Niklas Held
Expert Books, Silver

Robert Jantos
Photography, Catalog design
Theopisti Tiftikoglou M.A.
Art Historian

Porcelain, Ceramics

Alina Mryka M.A., Art Historian, Religious art and Graphics
Tanja Fritz, Art Historian
Asiatika, Vintage wine and jewelry

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Martin Krhut
Logistics Management